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Drug Awareness
A Public Service Announcement

Essential Question: Can we, as students, make a difference in the fight against drugs?

Objective: Students will work individually to collect information and write a paper on a drug topic. They will then work collaboratively to create a class presentation in the form of a brochure, newsletter, or slide show. After presentations each group will choose to brainstorm an idea for a public service announcement on drug awareness, either in the form of a poster or a commercial.


Partners in Grime is a unit designed to make students more aware of the facts versus the myths of drug use. They will then be better prepared to make tough decisions in their future.

Day 1: Students begin this Drug Awareness Unit by using a Thinking Map to describe their previous knowledge of drugs. In the large circle, the students are instructed to write terminology they have heard and in the outer square, they must write down effects of drug use. Using a slide show and newsletter, not only to illustrate, but also to explain the project, the teacher will then introduce the Partners in Grime unit to the class. The students are given the newsletter to take home for their parents to sign so that they will be informed as to the importance of the project.

Day 2-3: Research requirements are given to each student in the form of a rubric. Each student should have 5 pages of notes from 5 different sources: 2 from the internet (from a list provided), 2 from books (borrowed from the library), and 1 other (brochure, interview, newspaper, movie, etc.) Each source must be sited correctly.

Day 4-5: Papers are to be typed in the lab. The Drug Paper Requirements page gives specific instructions for them to follow while typing their paper. They must insert pictures applicable to the topic and include a work cited page. See also Drug Paper Rubric. (I gathered electronic pictures from various sources and they were able to choose from those.)

Day 6-9: Each group will choose a technological form in which to present their drug topic to the class. They then used storyboards and templates to brainstorm and organize their presentation. They must take turns using the computers available to design their presentation, according to the activity-specific rubric. The groups must focus on 5 learning questions for their presentation, making sure the questions are addressed in their presentation. These questions will later be used to test the class after the presentations are complete.

Day 10-11: Presentations are made to the class with an emphasis on the learning questions on which each group had to focus.

Day 12: Test using the learning questions from each group.

Day 13: Health students and Advertising students are introduced to public service announcements in commercial form by viewing some current public service announcements, i.e. “The Truth Behind the Curtain” @ Health students and Art students are introduced to the poster form of public service announcements.

Day 14: Health students brainstorm ideas and choose a form of public service announcements, either poster or commercial.

Day 15: Storyboard the commercial ideas or design the layout for the poster. Most of the health students will be finished with their part of the Partners in Grime unit and the work will now be given to the Partners.

Day 16: Commercial storyboards are given to the Advertising class where one idea from each class will be chosen and improved with the technical knowledge of the high school students. The poster layouts will be given to the Art class so that they can choose one from each class and also improve on the ideas with their knowledge of the various technical aspects.


Day 17: Day of filming. Advertising students will work with some of the Health students at the Middle School to film the different shots needed for the public service...
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