Dorothy Day Response Paper

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  • Published : October 11, 2012
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Dorothy Day Response Paper

What audience did Dorothy Day have in mind when writing her autobiography? Who was she trying to reach and what was her message? When Dorothy Day wrote her autobiography I don’t believe she had a specific audience in mind, in fact I believe her intention was to reach average individuals in hopes to inspire. In her book, she mapped her entire journey out in a way that just about anyone could easily relate to at least one part of her life, whether searching and yearning for something during childhood, emotional and spiritual roller coasters during her early adulthood/parenthood or late adulthood when I believe she found the balance she’d been trying to achieve for a while. I believe her technique was quite effective because the story is told beginning to end and you can’t help but to embark on the journey with her and be moved or inspired along the way.

I believe her message, in simplest form, was to find a balance in living a life pleasing to God while also looking out for and bettering humanity. Don’t just live your own life, instead inspire others, stand up against injustices, and take care of one another. She recognized that our society became very good at looking out for and providing for themselves or individualistic. She challenges people to put others before themselves and restore humanity.

How has Dorothy Day attributed her successes and failures to her commitment to her Catholic faith? I believe Day attributes her successes and failure to her commitment to her Catholic faith in various ways. Starting with successes, I believe they are fairly recognizable just by reading about her life beginning to end. Her faith in Catholicism became a driving force and an ever present guide behind her humanitarian efforts. She was able to serve the less fortunate not only by helping first hand but by stripping herself of luxuries and putting herself in their position to show we are all the same. As time went by, it piqued...
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