I Want a Wife

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“ I Want A Wife”
Judy Brady

In essay written by Judy Brady titled “ I want a wife” she expresses her views to her audience her readers the meaning of the essay, Judy Brady explains her point of view and the expectation women face in today society, and that its a big responsibility to take on the row of a good wife. And how we as women are looked upon towards men and future husbands, their ideal wife and what they would expect from us as their wives.

For example the wife duties are to maintain a household while the husbands are out at work or how a wife is responsible to raise their children, and to help them with their studies for school make sure they are feed, and showered, and put to bed before the husband gets home for the night. And still after completely their duties with the children women are to still have energy to take care of the husband with their private time. Brady does stretch the fact that being a wife is a tough job more like a full time job with no days off. But in the story she does include a little humor and sacrifice the wives take on in their everyday life.

I believe Judy Brady wants a wife in which she is considering a man to take care of her wife duties, by switching roles and breaks down what a wive has to do on a daily route. Judy Brady believes in equal right for women and that women have the right to speak out and not be stereotyped from society. When I was reading the essay I felt overwhelmed, reason being that I'm a wife with a career and kid, and that sometimes things can be a little rough. I believe society in which is ran by men, they believe women are robots and are suppose to be perfect, but to be honest there is no perfect wife, or in general no one is perfect in today's world.

I also think Us women sometimes get criticism because society expects so much from us, to be what they want us to be, we do our best as wife’s but...
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