Dorian Grey

Topics: Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Dorian Gray syndrome Pages: 3 (1111 words) Published: October 25, 2012

Essay: When Basil confronts Dorian about the fact he has allegedly corrupted many people Dorian defends himself by saying “Each of us has Heaven and Hell in him.” Is Dorian responsible for the ruined lives of his friends (Sybil, Basil)? Is Lord Henry responsible for the ruined life of Dorian?

In the “Picture of Dorian Grey” by Oscar Wilde I believe that the main character Dorian Grey is responsible for the ruined lives of his friends, because of the way he treats them throughout the course of the story. Such as the way he treats Sybil he is infatuated with her at first. He tells Lord Henry that “Sibyl is the only thing I care about. What is it to me where she came from? From her little head to her little feet she is absolutely and entirely divine. Every night of my life I go to see her act and every night she is more marvelous.” (Wilde: pg 72) He and she are so madly in love with each other that she can only feel it necessary to call him her prince charming. That is until Dorian, Basil, and Lord Henry go to see Sybil’s performance of Romeo and Juliet it is absolutely horrible, and Dorian goes back stage and rips Sybil apart for how bad she as and he realizes that he loved her character not her and she is so distraught that she takes her own life. You have to blame Dorian because he treated he made her feel so bad that she had to take her own life.

Another character’s life that Dorian ruins is that of Basil Hallward. Basil is the artist of the painting of Dorian and the book hints that he has an obsession with Dorian. He begged Dorian to do the sitting so he could paint the picture of him. When he goes to the play to see Sibyl with Dorian and Lord Henry he tries to comfort Dorian when her performance is subpar. He is honestly the only real friend that Dorian had. When Dorian blames him for the reason of why the painting is demented, he still tries to help Dorian when he found out he sold his soul for eternal beauty saying “Pray, Dorian pray, what...
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