Dorian Gray Essay

Topics: Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Dorian Gray syndrome Pages: 6 (2329 words) Published: August 28, 2012
Evil Prevails Over All
Throughout life, there are developing stages that people experience, allowing for a balance of maturity and knowledge to be passed down from each generation. The harsh realization of reality and truth force people to leave their innocence behind and develop moral responsibility. As innocence becomes a rare quality, emerging as a more attractive force, it ignites an obsession. However, innocence can be tampered with by dark forces. People are easily influenced by others’ ideas rather than their own, therefore transforming them into different people. In the novel The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, Dorian’s innocence causes controversy in the process of self-discovery, due to unhealthy and unpromising relationships. Eventually evil engulfs Dorian and creates a monster within. The songs “Empty Garden” by Elton John, “Innocent” by Taylor Swift, and “Sorrowing Man” by City and Coulor display a similar message that controlling relationships corrupt innocent minds. Eventually Dorian is left to bask in the horror of his disfigured soul due to the influence of outside characters. The soundtrack with these songs helps to track Dorian’s struggle to overcome the darkness in his mind and displays that once a dark influence is introduced, its power cannot be reversed. The song “Empty Garden” by Elton John demonstrates the damaging impact negative influences can have and in this case it epitomizes the influence Lord Henry has on Dorian Gray. In the beginning, Dorian Gray is described as “wonderfully handsome”(Wilde 18) and he also contains “all the candour of youth, as well as youth’s passionate purity”(18). He is idolized by many especially because of his “passionate purity”(18) which makes him so innocent and almost dreamlike. Dorian Gray does not know about the world as his innocence takes over his life since he has not been exposed to true reality. Although Dorian knows he is beautiful and that people are mesmerized by his beauty, he never quite understands how important his beauty would become to him until he meets Lord Henry. The moment Lord Henry meets Dorian he is instantly captivated by his good looks but most importantly by his “rose-red youth, and rose-white boyhood”(21) because he knows how pliable Dorian is and he can now mold him into his own creation. The first conversation between the two men opens Dorian’s eyes, because Lord Henry introduces to him a new outlook on life and how he should live it. Lord Henry brain washes Dorian Gray into believing that “[once]your youth goes, your beauty will go with it”(24). Dorian quickly becomes paranoid that he will lose his youth and becomes obsessive of staying young forever and will do it at all costs. Elton John in his song “Empty Garden” says that “It’s funny how one insect can damage so much grain” (John 8). Lord Henry is the “insect” that takes over Dorian’s youth and transforms him into the creation of his own and all along he even says that “he would seek to dominate him”(Wilde 37) Lord Henry “[damages]the grain”(John 8) which is Dorian, when his influence taints Dorian’s life and basically washes away his innocence. Once Dorian realizes that he can never be young forever he immediately becomes envious of the painting that Basil has drawn for him. Until this moment he has never cared about his painting or what it means, he simply sees it as a piece of art and nothing else. He even exclaims “If the picture could change, and I could always be always what I am now!”(Wilde 29). Although Dorian had one conversation with Lord Henry that was all it took for him to become paranoid about losing his beauty. His beauty never meant so much to him until he found out that one day he would lose it. Dorian soon becomes envious of his painting and by wishing for it to age instead of himself he indirectly puts his soul and innocence into the painting while he navigates through life as new person. Lord Henry becomes an overbearing dark force upon Dorian, and...
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