Doreen Pope by Mary Loudon

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  • Published : December 15, 2012
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Commenting on “DOREEN POPE” by Mary Loudon

UNESCO instituted World Teacher's Day on October 5. However, why wait for Teachers' Day to come around? We don't need a special occasion to express our affection towards a teacher. So did Mary Loudon by writing “Doreen Pope”, a hymn to an inspirational teacher. In this descriptive essay she pays tribute to the greatness of her teacher Doreen Pope. Someone once said, "Teachers don't impact for a year, but for a lifetime." A teacher can make a lasting impression on our mind, provides encouragement, inspiration and values, guiding us through the journey of life. The central theme of the story is education, though much attention is paid to one particular teacher Doreen Pope. The author gives us a vivid picture of the whole system of school education and stresses the role of teacher in it. A number of problems are raised in the text: learning process, relation between pupils, their attitudes to the teachers, difficulties in transition from childhood to adolescence, values and ideas to be filtered into everyone’s life. The text is well-structured. And each element of the text plays its own irreplaceable role in the developing of the theme. The title serves as a means of focusing the reader’s attention on a particular person Doreen Pope. After casting a glance on the title “Doreen Pope” a reader expects her to be a central character, or even a heroine, that turns out to be true. Straight from the second statement Mary Loudon makes it clear that Doreen Pope is her hero and we realize that she is going to share with us her admiration and respect to this woman. The main part of the text is dedicated entirely to the central idea of the text: Pope’s personality and her contribution in children’s education and character formation. The conclusion the greatness of Doreen Pope is made even more significant by accentuating the values she install in her pupils. The story is a first-person narrative, so we see...
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