Doomsday, Aliens, and Thoughts

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Doomsday, Aliens, and Thoughts
By Juliene Lindy Tiu

The biblical theory that states God made the universe and the Big Bang Theory that says the cosmos was created through a massive explosion: these two are only some of the speculative theories as to how the universe was formed. Undoubtedly, there are a million more probable theories for this just like there are a million ways to kill a cat. It is just so ambiguous. I mean, how can we even know if any of our theories really do apply, since humans didn’t even exist during that time? All we have are second-hand findings that fuel the scientist’s drive to make inferences. Personally, I believe that recycled information is not a good enough basis to be concluding any such deduction.

However, I really shouldn’t criticize as much because curiosity and the desire to know everything (including how the whole universe was made) is just human nature. Naturally, people would want to take a guess pertaining to this particular topic, even if their hypotheses are not very accurate. Better an educated guess rather than nothing at all, right? So, I’d also like to take it upon myself to explore the various existing conjectures, and other related topics which led to their creation.

First up, is the Mayan calendar which predicted the location of the planet Venus with an error of only two hours per 500 years. Given that the equipment during that time was not very advanced, the Mayans did an excellent job in deducing the position of Venus in space. Moreover, they also managed to calculate the length of the lunar moon as 329.53020 days, only 34 seconds out. However, this is the part that kindles the light of doubt within me: they prophesized that the end of the world would be on December 21, 2012. I am very skeptic about this so-called prophecy because there have been numerous attempts to guess the date of the end of the world, and so far none of them have come up to par. Furthermore, in the video “Life of a star”, it is said that the sun is 50 billion years old and is middle-aged. Another 50 billion years or so, and the sun would have reached its maximum size, become a Red Giant, and melt away all the planets that orbit around it including the Earth. So, if the world was to end, wouldn’t it happen 50 billion years from now? However, I cannot just easily dismiss the fact that there may be other factors that could lead to Earth’s destruction, and let us again take into consideration that the Mayans did make a semi-accurate prediction about Venus. So, perhaps Doomsday really will come on their forecasted date? Your guess is as good as mine.

Next, we tackle celestial bodies. I’m really curious as to why our planet has only one moon, while Jupiter has four, and Saturn has 19! After a little Google session on the internet, I found out that while our planet has one, there are planets (Mercury and Venus) that don’t even have any! Apparently, the planets that have only a few orbiting satellites or none at all are called Terrestrial Planets, namely Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars (has two moons). After reading further, I discovered that the other remaining planets were called Jovial Planets on the basis of the number of satellites they had, which when totaled numbered 90. It occurred to me then that the Terrestrial planets were actually the four closest to the sun, and that the Jovial Planets were the farthest away from it. The cause for this was actually because the temperature near the sun during the formation of the Milky Way was impossibly high, and there was nothing but gas and a few other objects near it, accounting for the low number of moons for the Terrestrial Planets. On the other hand, further away from the sun were lots of metal flakes and small pieces of rock which were then pulled in by the gravity of the surrounding planets. My brain was frazzled by the information overload, but after reading it twice, I finally understood the statements’ meanings. The...
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