Doodle and Life

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  • Published : September 26, 2011
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Abhinav Brahmamdam
Eng 135-3
Persuasive Essay
15 Dec 2008
Doodle and Life
What is the definition of life? Life is the quality that separates a functional and vital being from a dead body. Doodle does not represent death because he is a functional human being so he can live. He is not the fastest or the smartest, but Doodle is able to live like a normal human being. Doodle lives a life filled with expectations and opportunities, but also a life with difficulties and troubles. Even though he struggles to live, Doodle represents a high quality of living.

Doodle lives a normal life by walking, talking, crawling, and being active. The quality of life is determined by the degree to which a person enjoys the possibilities of his or her life. In Doodle’s case, there are limited possibilities to enjoy, but Doodle completes most by perseverance and hope. Doodle also has a great quality of living because he is a being; he has a physical presence but also a psychological mind that interacts more with people than his disabled body. Doodle also belongs to a family, a community, and an environment that he very much loves. Lastly, Doodle accomplishes the goals he has set such as walking. These features of Doodle’s life give reason that he has a high quality of living. Doodle defied all expectations by surviving his birth. His family considers him a disappointment as Doodle was born with a tiny body and a big head, “Everybody thought he was going to die” (Hurst 158). His father even had the local carpenter build a coffin. His survival symbolizes life and the struggle to fulfill life. Aunt Nicey, who delivered Doodle, was the only person who believed he would live on. Her sole reason depended on the fact that Doodle was born in a caul and that he would live a valuable life.

Aunt Nicey believed Jesus was looking over him, protecting him, “because he was born in a caul” (Hurst 158). A caul is said to give protection for its owner as it was made from...
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