Donato D Angelo Bramante

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Bramante and Aesthetics of High Renaissance


Bramante and Aesthetics of High Renaissance

During the High Renaissance time there were creative individuals. Donato D’ Angelo Bramante was one of the masterminds of this era. Bramante was one of the architects of the new Saint Peters. He exposed a great taste of drawing. “Born in Urbino and trained as a painter (perhaps by Piero Della Francesca), Bramante went to Milan in 1481 and, like Leonardo, stayed there until the French arrived in 1499. In Milan, he abandoned painting to become one of his generation’s most renowned architects. Under the influence of Filippo Brunelleschi, Leon Battista Alberti, and perhaps Leonardo, all of whom strongly favored the art and architecture of classical antiquity, Bramante developed the High Renaissance form of the central-plan church.” (Kleiner 475) Bramante decorated some paintings at Rome, and dedicated himself to learn of the very vintage structures, both in the town and as far south as Naples. During this time the Cardinal Caraffa requested him to remake the walkway of the Convent Della Pace. Due to the swiftness and ability with which Bramante did this, the cardinal presented him to Pope Alexander VI. Bramante started to be conferred on almost all the large architectural procedures in Rome. Below Pope Julius II, Alexander's replacement, Bramante's gifts started to get ample scope of use. “When Pope Julius II demolished the thousand-year-old basilica of St Peter's, he commissioned Bramante to design a new one (begun in 1506). Bramante's plan has been obscured by later work, though Michelangelo used...
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