Cesare Borgia

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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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Cesare Borgia
Many different events happen throughout history which affect modern day world. War is a major event that occurs every day all around the world. Military leaders make vital decisions and take action upon other territories in order to conquer more land for their civilizations. Cesare Borgia was one leader who left his mark on the Renaissance as well as on our world today through his military strategies and leadership skills. Although most people do not know his name, he impacted the way future military leaders would develop and interpretation of their plans. Cesare Borgia was born in 1475 into the well-known era, the Renaissance. The Renaissance was sometimes also referred to as the Golden Age of Italy. This era was roughly two centuries long from about the mid fourteenth century to about the mid sixteenth century. This was a time when Italy was prospering and advancing in a variety of ways. New cultural achievements such as pieces of literature, philosophy and art were created during this time period. With new ideas and artistic creativity brought on by the Renaissance, Italy flourished due to the intellectual and artistic movements. Even though this was a time of prosperity, there was a rise in more monarchies in which the wealthy and the rich people ruled. There was also a tremendous amount of endemic warfare in Italy at the time in which Cesare lived. Regardless of

all these things, the Renaissance was a time of progress and advancement that created a new, more complex civilization within Italy. During the Renaissance, religion was a main aspect of daily living. Cesare’s two parents, Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia and Vannozza dei Catenei, were very important during this time period because they were related to religion. Cesare’s father, Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia, was also known as Pope Alexander VI. Cesare was the oldest of four children: Juan, Lucrezia, Jefre, and himself and had a half-brother by the name of Pedro Luis. In 1489, Cesare studied...