Don Kelley Band: Personal View

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  • Published : September 23, 2012
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Michael Joseph
Country Music
April 11, 2012
Professor Cooper

The Don Kelley Band

Receiving an acceptance letter from Vanderbilt University gives any student the opportunity of a college experience unlike any other. Is it the social life? Is it the Greek community? How about the Southeastern Conference sports scene? The answer to all of these questions is yes. But I failed to mention what sets Vanderbilt apart from almost any other school in the world: its location in downtown Nashville. Nashville, Tennessee isn’t called “Music City, USA” without reason. From the Grand Ole Opry to the dozens of stages on Broadway, Nashville is the epicenter of country music. Every night of the week, students have the opportunity to walk, bike, or taxi cab down to Broadway to hear some of the most talented country artists in the world. Specifically, The Don Kelley band plays on a weekly basis at Robert’s Western World and is known as one of the elite cover bands in Nashville. After attending their show earlier this year, it was apparent that their talent earned them their reputation. In this paper, I will overview the band, review their live performance, and draw connections between the band and earlier generations of music. The Don Kelley Band has been in Nashville since 1981 and has been performing at Robert’s Western World since around 1990 ( Even before Broadway became the famous tourist attraction it is today, The Don Kelley Band was performing in rundown bars attracting newcomers from all over wanting to hear good live music. Although having been around for nearly thirty years, the band is still known for its ability to attract the best talent around. Currently, the band consists of four musicians: Slick Joe Fick playing bass, J.D. Simo ripping the electric guitar, Artie Alinikoff on drums, and the famous Don Kelley at lead guitar. Of the four, J.D. Simo is the youngest at just 24 years, but is by far the most talented. At just the age...
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