Don't Live to Eat but Eat to Live

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Dieting Pages: 6 (2503 words) Published: April 13, 2012
The title sounds easy right?  Eat to live, don’t live to eat.  Simple enough.  So why do I go to the park and half of the people I see are overweight or severely obese?  Why are their kids fat?  Why do my coworkers have fat rolls that hang off the back of their chairs?  It’s a question I have asked myself over and over again.  There have been many theories as to why people are fatter today than they were 100 years ago.  Now you can choose to believe the BS about good calories and bad calories or that we are fatter because we don’t eat like our ancestors. You can also choose to believe that calories don’t matter and we are fat because of the processed junk food we consume so much of. By taking a look at fat people, we can make the most probable assumption that they consume more calories than they expend.  So, if you are in tune with what happens when energy intake is greater than expenditure, you know the excess energy is stored as body fat or contributes to LBM gain under certain situations. Why is this important?  A long time ago when we had to chase down our food and stab it with a sharp object, storing fat was essential for survival as it could be days or weeks before we might feast again.  So after I expended all of that energy hunting down the kangaroo, you can bet your sweet loin cloth I am going to sit and stuff myself for the next few days.  Now some of that ingested energy went to preserving lean body mass but a lot of the excess was shuttled right into my fat cells.  Thankfully we have the ability to store fat, otherwise I wouldn’t be here today writing this article. So here is what I have noticed.  While it’s not revolutionary, it’s not something we think about much. We are Emotional Eaters

Many of us are emotional eaters.  We sometimes eat to relieve stress and find comfort in eating certain foods.  While I have not looked at statistics, I am willing to bet those of us at high stress jobs are more likely to be overweight than those in less stressful positions.  I witnessed this at a previous job where over half of the workers there were over weight and some were dangerously obese.  The day job was very stressful and the cafeteria served some really calorie dense food.  People would go to lunch and take the edge off by eating a foot long chili cheese dog or go down the road and polish off a few big macs.  Then when it was time to head home, I am sure many hit the pint of ice cream for their post dinner indulgence.  I have also noticed people working in lower stress environments to be slimmer and more fit.  I supposed they had more energy and vigor outside of work to be more active than their stressed out counterparts.  Now this could all be coincidence and anecdotal but I have a hunch there is more to it than that. Lots and Lots of Food

If you live in America, you know how easy food is to come by.  We are constantly being told to eat thanks to TV, radio and the internet(I am thinking about ordering a pizza right now because of the Domino’s ad I see on the web page).  This seems to screw with our natural cravings.  It’s like we only become hungry because food is always in front of our face. So we only think we are hungry. We eat and then a few hours later are bombarded again with more advertisements of food. Time to go to Wendy’s! No wonder we are a bunch of fatties. Lack of Balance

This is probably the biggest factor in the obesity epidemic we are facing. The fact is most people are very sedentary. We wake up, go to work, sit for 8 hours and return home to sit some more until we hit the sack. Now this may sound a bit exaggerated but it’s not far from the truth for many. Most of the people living like this are very chunky too. People like to argue and say they have a metabolic disorder. They say “I eat the same amount that my grandparents used to eat and they were always thin.” I wonder if working on a farm and doing manual labor had anything to do with them staying so slim? If you are sedentary and desire to...
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