Don't Blame the Burgers (Critical Thinking Essay Example)

Topics: Nutrition, United States, Obesity Pages: 4 (990 words) Published: February 27, 2011
Faizal Aziz

Critical Thinking (Pn. Syarifah Bahya)

4th November 2010

Don’t Blame The Burgers

The ‘victims’ of over-weight people in America today blames McDonald’s for the cause of their health problems. Most Americans claim that McDonald’s and other food companies are responsible for obesity-related health problems. These fast food consumers issue lawsuits to defend their health problems. Five out of eight lawsuits has successfully push fast food restaurants to provide better nutritional information.

The United States of America is a free country, “a federal judge who dismissed the case that year agreed, noting, “Nobody is forced to eat at McDonald’s.”” . ‘USA Today’ declares that any individual who consumes food from any fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s is liable for their own health problems. This statement has stand strong within the Americans and the law cannot protect them from doing something they are not forced to. The USA Today’s argument for this conclusion is weak from my point of view and it is arguable.

USA Today’s basic argument can be summarized as follows:

1. ‘Fat’ lawsuits will not fix obesity epidemic. It is personal responsibility. Although the food is bad for health, every individual choose to consume it by his or her own decision. Therefore, there is nothing else to blame but the consumers themselves.

2. Nobody is forced to eat at McDonald’s.

3. McDonald’s is promoting fitness, not burgers in elementary schools.

4. Most fast food chains are offering weight watchers’ meals in order to provide healthy food at the same time. People who choose Hardee’s 1,418-calorie Monster Thickburger have only themselves to blame.

5. The health problems that the Americans are facing from consuming fast food has turned into a profit of $117 billion on annual public health cost. This is an advantage for the government and the lawyers who fights for the fast food companies.

6. Food companies are...
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