Americas Obesity

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  • Published : February 8, 2013
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Americas obesity
The McDonald's Corporation wants to be everywhere that children are. The number of obese children has more than doubled since 1980. Many people blame the fast food industry for making the people of America fat. Most of the people in America blames the companies for selling their unhealthy food, advertising and promoting their food to young children, and creating super sized servings. Having said that, there are people who believe that it is the person's fault for being an unhealthy and obese person. Weintraub's article “The Battle Against Fast Food Begins in the Home”, argues that America shouldn't be blaming the fast food industry or the government, but instead the parents. Weintraub explains how it's the parent's responsibility for their own child's health and I agree with him. I, personally blame consumers but in this case the parents are the one to be blamed since their children are not old enough to understand how fast food affects our health. People are able to make their own decisions in life and every decision should help us in a positive matter. Before we are able to make right choices, its our parents responsibility to teach us. Parents should be able to teach their children on how to make wise choices. Everyone chooses for themselves and the choices we make should reflect on our life style and well being. In Weintraubs article, he states how he treats his kids in his own home and the strict rules he has set for his children to follow. His home is a fast food , free zone or shrine to physical fitness. Weintraubs family tries to cook meals at home as much as possible. They limit television time and he encourages his boys to get out of the house, to either participate in school sports or other outside activities. Weintraub recommends having health care foundations “encourage these kinds of simple policies in the home” and maybe we might just see a slight change in America's obesity problem. Clearly fast food companies promote their...
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