Domestic Violence

Topics: Child abuse, Domestic violence, Abuse Pages: 2 (1071 words) Published: November 2, 2014

Domestic Violence
Every day someone is being a victim to domestic violence and everyday these crimes are being unreported, swept under the rug or some people think that it’s not their business to get involved. Domestic violence is a violent confrontation between a spouse or ex or current lover involving physical harm, sexual assault, or fear of physical harm. Domestic violence can harm family, children and friends and even coworkers because they want to help but feel helpless at times. The factors most closely related to spouse abuse are youth of both the offender and the victim (between 18 and 30 years old), low income, growing up in a violent family, alcohol or substance abuse, unemployment, sexual difficulties, and low job satisfaction. (Witters) Many people ask why don’t they just leave or why don’t they just call the police and get help, but as they say it’s easier said than done. Many women are conditioned to believe they are responsible for making their marriage or relationship work; that if the relationship fails, they have failed as women. Society has often taught these women that their worth is measured by their ability to get and keep a man. (WomensWeb). They feel like they owe them their life basically. Some women feel if they leave they have nowhere to go because the abuser has isolated that person from family and friends. Another reason they may be afraid to leave is financial and children. In some cases the man takes care of all the bills and financial stuff and the woman are being kept out of the loop, so when the woman tries to leave she either has no money or know nothing about living on her own. Many women are afraid of losing their children if the divorce or separate because the woman may not be financial stable to take care of that child or children. In many cases women are afraid if the leave they will get found and get beaten even worse and some cases it’s true, some women may end up in graves hospital beds or even on the street begging...
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