Dolla "Lets Make a Toast"

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Dolla “Make a Toast”

Roderick Anthony Burton II, better known by his rap name “Dolla” was born on November 25, 1987 in Chicago Illinois. He was born as a twin but his brother ended up dying during birth, leaving him the only boy with two sisters. In 1991 his father moved their family to Los Angeles, California for a new life but noticed that times were tougher here than in Chicago. When Dolla was five a big tragedy occurred in his life when his father committed suicide by shooting himself in front of him and his sister Divinity. After his fathers suicide his mother decided to make a move down to Atlanta, Georgia to create a new life for her family. But again financial burdens occurred and by the age of ten Dolla had to help support his family, even if that meant breaking the law. Still through all the struggle he had one dream, and that dream was to become a rapper. To pursue his dream he started writing raps in his elementary school classes.

One of my favorite rap songs ever, “Make a Toast” is the second and final single from rapper Dolla's debut album A Dolla and a Dream. The song was produced by Julian Bunetta and has an upbeat, triumphant feel to it, even though Julian Bunetta sung the background vocals on the chorus he was not given any credit for being in the song, other than being the producer. “Make a Toast” is from the twentieth century, it was officially released to radio and iTunes on November 4, 2008, but the song had been leaked to the internet long before its official release. The song is three minutes and fifty seconds long and also features “the best rapper alive” Lil Wayne. It was a very popular song topping off on the U.S. rap charts in 2008 at number seventeen (Wikipedia).

The pitch of a song is the frequency of the vibrations in a note. When “Make a Toast” starts the beat has a high pitch, with the song beginning with a “ding ding ding” sounding beat. This is probably to give the song a sound to get the listeners attention, to kind of set it apart from other rap songs with more of a basic sounding beat. Then at thirty-eight seconds into the song when the chorus ends and when Dolla starts rapping the beat gets a much lower pitch. Then a thumping sounding bass continues through his lyrics. When the song gets to a minute and twenty-seven seconds Lil Wayne’s part begins with a more of a higher pitch, this is to set his section of the song apart from Dolla’s. Then after his part the chorus repeats with the same beat that last throughout all of the chorus sections of the song. The last part of the song begins with Dolla rapping, once again this begins with a beat with a high pitch, to set it apart from the chorus. The tone color is very bright because the song has a faster beat than most songs. Also the lyrics are sang pretty quickly which always has your attention. Vibrato, or changes in pitch, occur quite frequently throughout the entire song. These changes happen during every chorus, every time Dolla, and when Lil Wayne start rapping, which forces their parts stand out from the chorus. Lil Wayne uses an auto-tune effect during his part, which gives his voice vibrato because it can change the pitch of his vocals.

When you are listening to the song “Make a Toast” you have to notice how much effort went into this song. The intonation is absolutely perfect, it seems like everything connects together in this rap song. It seems like the lyrics intervene very well to the rhythm of the beat. All three singers in this song are amazing on how they can rap to the exact same beat and not get out of tune with their singing. The connection from Dolla singing his lyrics to when Julian Bunetta starts the background vocals is put together perfectly because there are no weird pauses or anything like that. This is in the chorus right after when Dolla says “Make a Toast” then Bunetta’s part comes in the background when he says “Woaaah oh.”

Rap singers are absolutely amazing in the way they can hold their...
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