Tone Loc

Topics: Tone Lōc, Lōc-ed After Dark, Wild Thing Pages: 3 (1103 words) Published: January 15, 2013
Tone Loc
Many of you today may not know of the artist I’m going to talk about today but may know of his work. He is pretty popular with certain types of people I’ll let you be the judge on that. Tone Loc didn’t always have the best child hood in fact a hood is just might what you call it. Tone loc was a very unique some would say typical person as you read more you’ll soon see just how different he is. Loc or AKA Anthony Terrell Smith was Born on 3-Mar-1966. He was born in what some people would call the worst part of America. Los Angeles California. He wasn’t even born in a hospital his mother couldn’t make it on time and ended up having Anthony in what he would call the heart of America. (Los Angeles California.) His Race or Ethnicity as you would say is African American. When asked in a interview some questions he always gave the press a good story he loved to stand out and make sure everyone new who he was. One of the questions in the interview was what’s your occupation? He said,” My Occupation is being a Rapper, Actor, song writer, and music artist.” His next question was in a summary describe yourself? He then looked down shook his head and knew he didn’t need a long summary and with two little words with his hit top of the billboards song he said, “Wild Thing. “ Born and raised in the hope-destroying pit known as Los Angeles, Anthony managed to survive the streets by adopting the gang lifestyle that many poor black kids are driven to not by choice but simply that’s the only way they know they were born into it. He was Called "Antonio Loco" by his friends, Anthony spent his youth as a member of the Crips, one of the more notorious gangs in LA at the time. In the...
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