Dogtown and the Z Boys

Topics: Film, National Film Registry, Skateboarding Pages: 3 (1306 words) Published: July 4, 2011
How to get the point across
Depending on who you ask they will give you a different answer on to what is medium is best to get a point across. There are those who feel that threw a book you would have endless possibilities to your writing that can go into dept and give specif details that you could not get in a movie or a documentary. There are those movie buffs who believe that getting your purpose out through a movie is most beneficial because you get to visual see what is trying to be represented. And in between the novelist and the movie buffs are those who feel that a documentary is the best of both world, where the director of the documentary could talk and explain to the viewer exactly the point they are trying to make and also giving the hands on and visual aspects of the art.

When taking the Z boys and Dog-town genesis into consideration and what would be the best way to get the point across you first have to know what the the Dog-town and the who where the z boys and there history to understand what medium who best explains the purpose as well as the intent. With the Z-Boys being as unique and what some people consider “lazy” and “bummish” had a motive and a purpose to why they skated. Many years after they became famous and books were written a Hollywood film and a documentary were produced. To answer the question to which medium was most effective as to getting their message across you would first have to examine the different mediums and the things that were beneficial to crossing that medium as most effective as well all laying out the pros and cons that goes along with the specific medium.

In the film “Lords of dog town” it was Hollywood attempt to not only taking the book but also the documentary and making it a featured film. They casted A-list actors to play the Z-boys . If you were to just see the movie not knowing anything about the story you would soon come to the conclusion that this boys not only came from a terrible up bringing as...
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