Comparative Essay: Penicillin: the Magic Bullet, and Bowling for Columbine.

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  • Published : August 4, 2008
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Documentaries are positioned by the director to persuade the audience to believe what the documentary is about. There are several themes and techniques used throughout documentaries that help persuade the audience. By comparing two documentaries we can see the different techniques used to position the audience to think what the director thinks.

The documentary Penicillin: the magic bullet is about the creation of the drug we used today called Penicillin. The scandals and drama surrounding the creation of the drug also helps to lure the viewers in to watch the movie. The Documentary Bowling for Columbine is about the student massacre in 1999, outlining gun violence in the states. The way that Michael Moore has produced this movie, is very powerful and persuading.

Every documentary has a purpose. One of the main reasons that documentaries are made is to persuade and inform about a certain topic, theme, or idea. The main reason that Penicillin: the magic bullet was made, was to inform you about the discovery of penicillin, but also to persuade the viewer that Alexander Flemming might have been the founder of the drug penicillin, but it was the three scientists of Oxford university that developed and created the drug into something useful. Most other documentaries about Penicillin are awarding Flemming for finding out about the mouldy cheese, but this documentary backs up the scientists and their work. This is done by viewing the documentary through the three scientist’s eyes. This documentary used re-enactments to tell the story of Penicillin: The Magic Bullet. Because Penicillin was created long ago, they only had photos and graphics of the time that it was created in. Re-enactment was also a good way to show the scientists side of the story. The re-enactments make us feel like it is a informative documentary. It was quite the opposite for Michael Moore. The purpose for his documentary was to persuade, not inform. He did this by using techniques such as...
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