Does the American Dream Really Exist?

Topics: Wealth, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, Rhetoric Pages: 3 (1113 words) Published: November 1, 2010
Does the American Dream Really Exist?

In the Article “The American Dream Still Exists” written by Matthew Warshauer, there is much contrast made by the author when comparing the before and after of the American Dream that many people attempt to achieve; the author gives a series of examples of how the definition of the American dream is perceived by different people and how it has changed over the years. Some people think of the Dream as a result of hard working efforts to achieve not only economic wealth, but happiness; while others have changed their perception and replace that meaning with the philosophy of “get rich quick” (Warshauer). The author tries to emphasize this argument by resembling the difference between what the American Dream used to be and what it has become over the past recent years. He expresses that our dream has become more of a game of luck, rather than a process of sacrifice and hard work like it used to be. He explains that hard work is no longer part of the formula that results in success; instead people attempt to find shortcuts in the path to the American Dream. Warshauer tries to get his point across implying that people should find a balance between luck and hard-work. By presenting the facts to the reader he gives proof and helps the reader try to understand and be persuaded into his believing that the meaning of the American Dream has changed over the years.

In the section “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” of the article, Warshauer uses an ethical approach to appeal to the moral sense of the readers. He uses this kind of approach to trying and make the reader realize that people logically look for the easy way to success yet it is not ethical to do so in the way that the fundamentals of our American Dream were Hard-work and Sacrifice. One of the examples stated in Warshauer’s article that explains this ethical approach is the insanely popular television shows where people can win money answering simple questions...
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