Does School Violence Starts at Home?

Topics: Violence, Crime, Domestic violence Pages: 9 (3093 words) Published: October 3, 2012
Does School Violence Starts at Home?
Rebecca Campbell
PSY 496 Applied Project
Jason Etchegaray
December 10, 2011

The best place to start is understanding the cause of school violence and then one can understand what to do to work toward a prevention. In this qualitative research plan, I will be gathering data and putting it all together to come up with a decision as to whether school violence starts at home, looking at different problems that may occur and problems with obtaining the weapons and whether or not the home environment is the problem. I will be using archival and previously recorded sources of data. This type of study will be done through data collection but will leave room to further the research.

This article will cover some of the possible causes of school violence including domestic abuse, gang activity, drugs, depression, and anger issues. It will cover the involvement of parents, teachers, and other students.

Problems to be faced are when and where the children get the guns that they use to reek havoc, looking into home life and dysfunctional families, children that are not popular and are picked on continually, children that can not deal with anger issues, and those who joke about committing violence.

The variables used in this paper are different schools and different children and their home and school life. Is the family dysfunctional? How well does the child deal with every day stressors? How does the child feel, is he/she feeling isolated from family or friends? Are the children giving clues that they plan to kill or are thinking about violence? Each of these variables will change the outcome of different situations of violence.

Does School Violence Start at Home?
Does school violence start at home? Could there be other reasons for school violence?The violence in Littleton, Colorado known as the Columbine Tragedy is just one example. There are also tragedies, or attacks, in Jonesboro Arkansas and Paducah Kentucky, and then on to Oregon and Virginia. We seam to mourn real violence such as these tragedy's and relish simulated violence such as what one sees in the media, or on television (Dillard, 2000)

In our schools we have counseling for those that need it. If a student goes to the counselor and expresses a desire to kill other students they will put them through psychological and parental intervention hoping that this will help his thoughts. However, if a student goes to the counselor and expresses their thought of wanting an abortion, she may get a free ride to the clinic. What does this show our students about the value of human life (Dillard, 2000)

Starting with Students in dysfunctional families that cannot deal with stresses in their daily life, the feeling of isolation, not having friends or those who are picked on are the ones that are potential school shooters. These children may be ones that “joke” about shooting people, talks about the plans to kill someone, threatens other students, have problems handling anger, and most leave clues that they are thinking about violence.

The problem is not just our children but adults as well. The oldest known school massacre was in Bath, Michigan on May 18, 1927. A school board member upset over loosing his farm to higher taxes in order to build a new school, planted dynamite in the basement killing 39 students and injuring more. Another incident was a father that did not want his son enrolled at a Huston elementary school. He place dynamite in a suitcase and left it on the playground. The son and his father were killed along with two other children, the custodian and a teacher. Other children and the principal were injured.

Where do students get the guns that they use in these shootings? A survey done in 1998 found that 31% of the students homes kept guns in the home, 40% of those are left unlocked and loaded. Out of 7,000 violent crimes committed each year by children with guns. The guns that are...
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