Does My Country Need a Revolution?

Topics: Human rights, School, Primary education Pages: 3 (612 words) Published: March 16, 2013
Does my country need a revolution?|
Karla Renić|


My task is to write a research paper on a Human Rights topic and how well the chosen right is protected in my country. I chose the right which states that everyone has the right to education. Education is necessary in realizing other human rights. Everyone has the right to education and it should be available and free to all people, at least the primary level. Across the world many children miss out on their education because of their culture or financial status. When speaking about cultural reasons, it is often in some countries that children are made to work or they are recruited into armed forces. In other countries the most influential reason is that their families do not have enough means to pay for schooling. Also, discrimination and racism undermine their chance to educate, and they face violence as they continue their education. School charges and related costs are a common threat to education. These charges are a greater burden for children from poor families, and they affect those who are racial and ethnic minorities and migrants. Also, girls are more likely to be excluded from school than boys when there isn’t enough money to invest in both.

Croatia does not need a revolution.

Education in Croatia is free and compulsory for children aged from six to fifteen or until the end of 8th grade. All children who live in Croatia have this right, regardless of their citizenship The majority of Croatian children can exercise their right to education, but this is not the case of Roma children. Roma children are discriminated in the classroom and often lack family support as well. Indeed, a child who is not supported financially and psychologically by his/her family will soon be persuaded by circumstances to discontinue attending school. This discrimination is reflected in...
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