Does Art Have to Have Meaning? Does Art Have to Have Meaning? Conversely, If Something Is Meaningless, Can It Be Art?

Topics: Art, Meaning of life, Human Pages: 4 (1352 words) Published: October 13, 2010
Does art have to have meaning? Conversely, if something is meaningless, can it be art? Through ages, human’s experienced expressing feelings, emotions, thoughts, contents and purposes through various ways such as languages, science, mathematics and finally comes up with arts. So, rely on the title question, in this case, does art have to have meaning? And conversely, if something is meaningless, can it be art? In my opinion, as a visual art student, I really believe that art is what humans created as a highest explanation level to fully clarify the perspectives and especially emotions of human beings. I definitely think that art does need to have a meaning among with those factors to make a picture or a song become an art. First of all, I’d like to define art in term of ‘meaning’. Meaning is what an artist aims at, when he’s got the inspiration of something, he puts the meaning that expresses his feelings, thoughts, and ideas as a soul of the piece of work. It is not a random that a woman standing with a mysterious smile and those tender eyes helped Leonardo De Vinci became a great artist of the world with ‘Mona Lisa’. It is not a random that those versions of Moonlight Sonata helped Ludwig van Beethoven, a poor German man became one of the most famous instrumental composer. It is definitely not a random that those abstract paintings of Picasso worth millions of dollars that people want to spend on. The wondrousness of them all were created with the beauty inside, the hidden message and the true meaning that all of the artists blow in their works. It is much more than the literal sense that there is a spirit in an art. A message is the difference between a painter and an artist. Do you think that a beautiful landscape is just so obvious that it doesn’t include any meanings? For me, when an artist paints a beautiful landscape, he has already transferred to the observers his passion of how wonderful and incredible of the beauty of the nature is. Don’t you think...
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