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Continuum by Allen Curnow
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Biography of Allen Curnow:

a New Zealand poet and journalist
was born in Timaru
grew up in a religious family
generally wrote satirical poetry
reflecting his childhood into his poems
emotional connectivity
greatest poet in his country
received six New Zealand book awards
received an award just for the continuum poem
Continuum: anything that goes through a gradual transition from one condition to a diffrerent condition, without any abrupt changes or discontinuities

In this poem, Curnow explains the hardness of poem. He is waiting for inspiration for his poem and he is bored about thid and wants to sleep. He explains that writing a poem is an endless cycle. He personifies moon as a symbol for himself which creates a restless mood. The poet can not rest until he finished his poem. “I am talking about myself” this sentence suggests the reader that the poet is lonely and isolated. His source for inspiration is nature in this poem and he sais “Better bare-foot it out the front” because he wants to connect directly with the nature. He can not concentrate anything because of his restless mood. “washed-out creation” and “dark-place” imageries suggest that he wants to find sth unique. “A long moment stretches, the next one is not on time.” this sentence means that the poet doesn’t notice the time had gone. Curnow used “(query)” because he want to explain his sense of questioning. The “cringing demiurge” is the creative side of the persona and he is in an inner-conflict because one side of him wants to sleep the other one wants to write a poem. At last stanza, we are not sure but we understand that he found sth like inspiration and he turns to his bed, stealthily in step.

Curnow’s punctuation suggests that he is lack of control. His commas shows that he is jumping from thought to thought. Curnow’s enjambment rambling poet’s own thoughts. The poem’s structure is also...
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