Do Voilent Video Games Cause Violence in Children?

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  • Published : April 16, 2013
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Carolina Hernandez

Do Violent Video Games Cause Violence In Children?

1. Introduction

A. Attention Catcher:
Imagine you’re in your room, all the lights are off, and you TV is on, you sit there holding a game controller, the words GAME OVER are flashing on the screen. The game was hard, you killed as many zombies as you could, and this is what you get?! A game over screen?! You play the level again. Mid-way through the level, someone opens the door to your room. The light stings your eyes, momentarily forgetting about the game, your character dies because a zombie ate his brains. You get so angry; you punch the person who made you lose the game! B. Listener Relevance Link:

Most of you in this room play video games, right? Do you ever feel…angry after playing a violent video game? If you’re one of the people who don’t, it’s mostly because of your personality. If you’re an angrier person by nature, these video games should affect you more if you are. C. Speaker Credibility Statement:

Let me start this off by saying I love video games. I have a video game in my backpack right now. Most of the video games I play are adventure games that involve fighting. Usually I’m not affected by them, unless I get competitive about it. My brother and I used to fight after playing a game if one of us lost, and sometimes it would result in fist fighting. My brother and I don’t play video games together that much anymore. Still, after playing a particularly violent game, I will not be angry, but my brother will. This is because we’re different types of people with different personalities, which results in different reactions. Video games never made me want to kill someone. D. Thesis Statement:

All this results in one questions, do violent video games affect the player’s violent tendencies? E. Preview:
In this speech, I’ll talk about the research done on this topic, and it’s results on how it affects children and teen’s violent tendencies.

2. Body

A. First Main...
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