Do Violent Video Game Make Children Aggressive

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  • Published : April 6, 2011
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Do violent video games make children aggressive?

There are lot research showed that violent video make children aggressive, and also examined the amount and content of children’s video game playing in relation with behavioral and academic outcomes. Relationships among playing context, child gender, and parental monitoring were explored. Data were obtained through parent report of child’s game play, behavior, and school performance. Results revealed that time spent playing games was related positively to aggression and negatively to school competence. Violent content was correlated positively and educational content negatively with attention problems. Educational games were related to good academic achievement. Results suggest violent games, and a large amount of game play, are related to troublesome behavioral and academic outcomes, but educational games may be related to positive outcomes. Neither gender nor parental monitoring emerged as significant moderators of these effects.

Most people deals with stress and frustrations differently. Sometimes action takes upon the frustration and stress, and the action is taken out in anger and aggression, the results may be very harmful to both the aggressor and the person being aggressed against, mentally, emotionally, and even physically this some cost by playing violent video games. Playing violent video games also make young adults gets arousal levels, hostile feelings, and aggressive thoughts. Results indicated that children who played violent virtual reality game had a higher heart rate, reported more dizziness and nausea, and exhibited more aggressive thoughts in class than those who had played a nonviolent game do.
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