Do Mobilephones Make Us Feel Safer

Topics: Mobile phone, Bluetooth, Smartphone Pages: 2 (428 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Despite the fact that mobile phones can help us report a crime scene quicker they can also be the cause of attention for theft and when things dont go according to their way of the attacker when they are trying to steal a victims mobile phone then they can result into beating the victim up or even wounding them. “A new study from University of Pennsylvania Law School Professor Jonathan Klick, along with colleagues at Penn and George Mason University, speculates that a one-third drop in crime rates in the 1990s might be due to cellphones providing a deterrent for criminals”. “From anecdotal evidence and news reports, it seems smartphones and thieves are most often caught using tracking apps and software which you can install on your phone”. However many people may argue that with the latest new technologised phones phone theft will be decreasing as attackers are being tracked down through other witnesses recording the theft event on their mobile video applications. This can cause less people being victims of theft as muggers are aware of this.

I feel that cellphones can make us only feel safer due to the fact that if we are walking down a quite street rather than thinking of all the bad things that can happen people convert their attention to their cellphones but in reality this can be an easier platform for people to attack these kind of people as they are less vigilant of what is happening around them due to looking down at their phone screen and even in some cases people plugging earphone into their ears which can totally block out the sound of their surrounding.

However there can be some benefits to cellphones making us feel safer there can be measures such as special applications that have been introduced on the market that when a mugger has attacked a victim and has taken their phone as soon as they use the phone a photo gets taken by the phone automatically and gets sent. This can be a very useful tool for the police and victim as it can aid in the...
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