Pesuasive Essay: Mobile Phones

Topics: Mobile phone, Rotary dial, Push-button telephone Pages: 4 (1594 words) Published: October 2, 2010
Mobile Phones: Why have they got everyone talking?

How many times have you picked up your phone today? Did you know making a call for an hour each day doubles your chances of developing a brain tumour? Controversy surrounds mobile phones and their benefits and problems. Now it seems you can hardly walk down a street without seeing someone with their mobile glued to their ear, so why exactly have these popular gadgets got everyone talking?

Firstly, we will look at the main reason why people purchase mobile phones; safety. Each year alone 200 million lives are saved thanks to mobile phones. Wherever you go your mobile can assist in an emergency if there is an accident or if you are in danger. As well as something you might not have known, it’s now possible to locate a person, anywhere on the globe down to the exact few metres if they have their mobile phone with them, even if the phone is turned off. This is a great help for finding criminals or if a person is missing. Many up to date phones include a flash, torch light, or S.O.S light, which is very useful if you’re lost or in the dark. So many people buy a mobile for these factors alone, Does your mobile make you feel safer?

It has only been in recent years that researchers have found danger with mobile phones. If you assumed that you have never been in danger by simply using your mobile phone, think again. The worry is that phones give off radiation which is inside the phone, and the thought is that it goes in to your brain when you talk on the phone. The problem is that phones have not been around long enough to see the long term effects of regular usage and it is unknown just how much usage is dangerous. Scientists and researchers cannot prove this but studied for around two years to come to conclusion. Professor Darius Leszcynski from Finland, led one of the studies said “Mobile phones are still safe to use, for the time being. We have no scientific proof, so the current safety...
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