Dna Computing

Topics: DNA, Computer, Molecular biology Pages: 2 (453 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Future of Computing
Computer Science & Engineering
DNA Computing

Computer chip manufacturers have discovered that sooner or later the physical speed and miniaturization limits of silicon chip is bound to hit a wall, therefore they need a new material to produce faster computing speed with fewewr complexity. DNA, the material are genes are made of, is being used to built the next generation of microprocessor. A nascent technology that uses DNA molecules is to build computers that are faster than the world’s most powerful human built super computers is DNA computing. This paper gives an insight into evolution and future of this technology. Scientist around the globe are now are trying to marry computer technology and biology by using nature’s own design to process information.

For building a computer two things are necessary: a method of storing information and a few simple operations for handling that informations. Today’s modern computers store information as binary strings as 0s & 1s in memory and manipulate them with the help of arithmetic & logical operations. Similarly, DNA computers can be made to store informations as sequence of 4 letters A, G, C & T and manipulate informations using properties of DNA polymerase enzyme. Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid(DNA) acts as a genetic code for all living organisms. DNA are polymer chains or n-letters sequence of namely adenine, guanine, cytosine and thymine which are joined by weak H-bonds. DNA computing is accomplished in a suspended solution of a DNA, where certain combinations of DNA molecule are interpreted as a particular result to a problem encoded in the original molecules present using various methods such as synthesis, denaturation, ligation, annealing, cutting, PCR amplification, in-vitro DNA recombination.

Dr. Leonard Aldeman is a pioneer of DNA computing for his solution to solve Hamiltonian path problem using DNA strands. DNA computers are massively are parallel in...
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