Divorce Research Paper

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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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`Christian Startt
Mrs. Pantusa
English 1 A.P Prep
April 26, 2013

Divorce and How It Affects Children
I. Introduction:
a. Question, how does parents fighting affect your grades and their personality b. Interesting fact / statistic to get reader interested c. Pondering question to get reader thinking about topic II. What the problem is

d. “Children do not fall behind their peers in these areas during the potentially disruptive period before their parents divorce, the study revealed. Instead, it's after the split that kids seem to have the most trouble coping.” Include this from Healthday reporter Alan mozes e. What the child feels, they feel its their fault and makes them more upset III. Statistics

f. What classes children with divorced parents are struggling in g. Average grades for the kids
h. What it does to teens
IV. My personal experience
i. How my grades were before and after
j. What classes I was struggling in
k. My personal feelings about it
V. Conclusion
l. Say how parents really need to think about how it will affect their child before going through with it. m. My views on the statistics and why it is valid info n. Opinion about parents being more involved in children’s schoolwork.

Christian Startt
Mrs. Pantusa
English 1 A.P Prep
April 26, 2013

Divorce and How It Affects Children
Divorce can be the most inconvenient and hardest long-term problem of a child’s life, affecting all parts of his or her life all because of the parent’s failing marriage. 41% of first marriages end in divorce (Irvin, M), which is a substantial percentage of marriage that has not followed through with their vows and left their kid’s normality in the dust. Grades, emotions, and innocence all are changed in the process of the divorce, as well as a new set of challenge and problems these kids have to face in everyday life.

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