Divorce Bill

Topics: Marriage, Psychology, Philippines Pages: 1 (356 words) Published: February 29, 2012
I'm not in favor that Divorce will be legalized in the Philippines. I believe it is illegal and against the law of God. Our country is a Christian culture country and we are the largest Christian Culture of all Asia. I don't like Divorce at all and it has many disadvantages. Divorce ends your marriage that invests nothing at end. Divorce cost money and also children will be greatly affected. There will be a tremendous effect on their emotions, attitudes, and to their psychological behavior. Many people just don't know the real importance of marriage even before planning of the wedding. They must think many times before getting married because marriage is insoluble that cannot be destroyed. Many of us are very religious and follow strict rules. We Filipinos believe that marriage is sacred in the eyes of God. I also understand that marriage is sacred and it should be cherished and MUST stay forever… till death do us part.

Divorce is not the solution to the problems of many couple having their difficulties. They should put in their mind that they should save the relationship. They both promise in front of God that they will be as one in dealing life through ups and downs. They should see the other side of the situation and not be selfish. Children are the number one reason to keep the family together and bravely face all the problems. If the family is broken, the children are the sufferers of this because they need the love and guidance of both parents as they grow up

Love of the family is the Filipino cultural identity. Family is very important and we should not give the evil an opportunity to destroy our gift of life which is our family. I Hope that many people realized the true essence of having a Family. I will end up this with my deep and brief thought that in time of test, Family is the best. A couple that was bonded by God cannot be separated by any means. They should steak to their promise that “Till Death Do Us Part”...
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