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Learn the Facts About Divorce

Over the years views on divorce have changed. During the 1950’s to the 1970’s divorce was only fault based. This meant that you could only divorce if one spouse could prove that the other spouse committed a marital offense. After the 1970’s to present day divorce has become to be something that is commonly accepted. Legislation was changed and the no-fault divorce was announced. In the earlier times when divorce was not as common children from a “broken home” were considered as outcasts. There was strong belief that these kids were at risk for school failure, delinquency, and psychological disorders. Nowadays divorce is seen more often and viewed in a more positive light, thus viewing children of divorce differently (Jolivet, 2011). Although divorce is seen more often how do young children, teenagers or adult children react to parents divorcing?

Coming from a divorced household many things can run through a child of any ages mind. The biggest thing that a young child thinks about is it’s their fault and the biggest thing a teenage child may think is it is one parent or the other parents’ fault. Young children blame the divorce on themselves and think, “ ‘If we didn’t make so much noise. If we didn’t need shoes…’ ” This leads children to believe that since it’s their “fault” their parents are divorcing their parents are doing it in a way of punishment. As parents, make sure to assure the children so that they understand that they are not to blame (Phil, Children’s). But for the majority of teenagers they generally know that they are not to blame for the divorce of their parents. In some cases young children see divorce as the enemy where on the other hand teenagers may hold their parents 100% accountable. The most important thing to know is no one person is at fault for the divorce, there are many reasons that it has occurred (Neuman, 1998). As a young child, a teenager or even as an adult child they really just want to see...
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