Impact of Divorce on Children

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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Liberty University Psychology Professor Greyer 02/07/2013 Author: Audrey F Culpepper The Impact of Divorce on Children Number of Pages: 9

Abstract page 2
ABSTRACT In my paper I will discuss the impact divorce has on children. I will thoroughly investigate each aspect of what children go through when their parents get divorced. I will discuss how it takes a toll on them emotionally, and physically. I will also discuss how the actions of both parents have a big impact how well their children handle divorce.

Introduction page 3 Introduction The topic of my research paper “The impact of divorce on children and adolescents” I chose my topic for personal and educational reasons. This is psychology research paper taken from the internet, books, and magazine articles related to my topic. This paper is going to discuss the different ways divorce impacts children and adolescents. I also can personally on how divorce impacted me as a child of divorced parents. I have experienced the topic of my paper first hand, and my hope is that my children never have to face of the impact of divorce. Divorce introduces a big change in the life of a child whether they are a boy or a girl and age is no factor. Children have hard time when they see their parents’ marriage break up. Children have to adjust to weekend visits from one parents or the other. “Divorce is devastating event for the children involved. Life after divorce is significantly changed from how life was before.” (The Impact of Divorce on Young Children and Adolescents Young children and adolescents can respond differently to divorce Published on December 19, 2011 by Carl E. Pickhardt, Ph.D. in Surviving (Your Child's) Adolescence) “Somewhat different responses to this painful turn of events occur if the boy or girl is still in childhood or has entered adolescence. Basically, divorce tends to intensify the child's dependence and it tends to accelerate the adolescent's independence; it often elicits a more

Body page 4 regressive response in the child and a more aggressive response in the adolescent. Consider why this variation may be so.” (The Impact of Divorce on Young Children and Adolescents Young...
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