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One of the most difficult transitional periods in a child's life is to go through the experience of their parents divorcing each other. While the effects of divorce may be different on children according to their stage of development, age, and gender, research has shown that despite reconciliation efforts via family counseling, most children suffer during and after the process. When their parents divorce, children feel as if their stability, their security, and their world are all falling apart.

The Effects of Divorce on Children's Feelings

Children can react in various ways with an impending divorce. Some children can become very sad, showing symptoms of depression and even be unable to sleep. Their levels of anxiety become very high as they experience feelings of being rejected or abandoned by one parent and sometimes even both. Some situations of divorce can even end up making children feel extremely lonely, which is usually because one parent may be absent for a long time.

Regardless of what the situation may be, a divorce usually affects children in some way or the other. While some children may be scarred psychologically on a long-term basis, others may feel the emotional pangs for a short period of time, and then learn to cope with it, and perhaps even get over it. Of course, a lot depends on how well the situation is handled by the parents.

Some of the main effects of divorce on children's feelings are: •Children feel that they are not loved anymore by their parents and experience feelings of desertion and desolation. •Once they understand that they cannot get their parents back together, they experience feelings of helplessness and powerlessness. •Even though they may not display signs of anger, many of them do feel angry. •Often, they feel that it is their fault, believing that it is because of something they said or did that has resulted in a parent leaving. •Divorce is not only a loss in the parents' lives, but also in the...
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