Module 5 Discussion Questions and Critical Thinking Questions

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  • Published : April 4, 2013
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Module Five- Review Questions
1. What is communication? How does communicating relate to parenting? * Communication is any sharing between two (or more) people. Communication is related to parenting because communicating with your child is an important part of positive parenting and it helps guide and understand their child better. 2. How can financial issues affect parenting?

* Financial issues can affect parenting because most families with financial problems or living in poverty tend to spend less time together; parents may have to work long hours and many jobs, leaving children unsupervised and having less quality time with their parents. Also, parents may come home tired, creating negative interactions within the family. 3. How does negative communication differ from positive communication? * Positive communication differs from negative communication in the ways that in positive communication, your child has your full attention while they’re talking, no interruptions. Both people involved in the discussion are listening to each other carefully and respectfully without cutting each other off, and both the parent or child are helping each other find a solution to their problems. 4. How can divorce affect children?

* Divorce can affect children depending on the age you are. Young children under the age of 5 may experience temper tantrums, separation anxiety, and difficulty sleeping; school-aged children may experience sadness, guilt, and anger; teens may experience insecurity, sadness, and other emotions. They may also start engaging in risky behaviors such as using drugs and participating in unsafe sex. 5. What are three tips that parents can use to improve communication with their children? * Three tips parents can use to improve communication with their children are helping their child find solutions to their problems, listening carefully and respectfully, and pausing a conversation if feeling anger, frustration, and...
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