Diversity Audit

Topics: Affirmative action, Minority group, Health care Pages: 11 (2948 words) Published: July 20, 2011
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Conducting a Diversity Audit for Public Health Informatics Consultants, (PHICON Corporation)

Table of Contents
Executive Summary3
Organizational Background4
Selected Criteria/Audit Methods5
What is Diversity5
How is Diversity Measured6
I. Quantitative Measurements7
II. Qualitative Measurements7
Description of PHICON’s Diversity Initiatives8
Design of the Audit8
Scope of the Audit8
Evaluation of PHICON’s Diversity Initiatives11
1. Awareness of the Policy & Its Aims11
2. Celebrating Diversity12

Executive Summary
The purpose of this project is very simple to find out how much of PHICON its diversity conscious to be able to perform efficiently in their jobs. PHICON as an organization seeks to conceptualize, produce and implement healthcare technologies that improve health care encounter outcomes while reducing cost through improved system efficiency. It also seeks to provide health related education to patients there-by improving health outcomes. Having employees that can have a clear perspective on the mission, values goals and objectives can provide PHICON the added advantage it needs to be a fore runner within its work. Should our research prove that PHICON diversity initiative is non existing or weak footing in its philosophy then diversity initiative will be recommended to give PHICON an edge and also align their practices with reasonable expectation in today’s corporate world. To the best of my knowledge PHICON does not have a diversity initiative in place and has never conducted a diversity audit. I will be working very closely with senior management, managers as well as employees to conduct a diversity audit as well as determine a well suited diversity initiative. Since a diversity audit has never been conducted by PHICON the mosaic model produced by Pearn Kandol which supports organizations in assessing their effectiveness regarding a holistic range of diversity issues, including how objectively the organization’s procedures are followed and how skilled manager’s are perceived to be in managing diversity issues. The following six key areas will be used.

1. Mission and values
2. Objective and fair processes
3. Skilled workforce
4. Active flexibility
5. Individual Focus
6. Culture that empowers
Information gathering for the audit will be through interviews and surveys. Documents from the company eg general policy documents, job adverts, in house guidelines for personnel activities Organizational Background

Public Health Informatics Consultants, (PHICON) is the health informatics subsidiary of Mc'Lonie Networks, Inc., A Georgia Healthcare Corporation. PHICON was formed in January 2000 as a branch of Preventive Medicine Associates, also a subsidiary of McLonie Networks, Inc. McLonie Networks, Inc as a healthcare corporation has been in existence since 1994 operating in the States of Georgia and Pennsylvania performing preventive medicine, public health, health education and training services since 1994. PHICON is engaged in public health and medical informatics or health information systems research, and development and product implementation. PHICON also conducts healthcare worker and physician training in various electronic records products and services. PHICON is also dedicated to conceptualizing new healthcare technologies while improving the efficient use present day healthcare information systems. The organization consults with various private and public organizations and governments in developing countries. Lastly, PHICON uses information technologies to improve health care services to needy populations. Through its National Personal Health Program PHICON seeks to bring innovation to personal medical records storage and retrieval. PHICON mission is: to prepare health care professionals to demonstrate the basic competencies for health information technologies PHICON...
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