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Faculty Diversity in Community Colleges
Pam Dooly
April 22, 2013
Deborah Hornsby

Faculty Diversity in Community Colleges
In this paper I will discuss the importance of having a more diverse faculty in community colleges. It will be discuss how having more ethnic people among these schools would help in better enrollment as well as more graduates of an ethnic background. I will also discuss how community colleges have a large number of students come from ethnic backgrounds. I will discuss how students feel when not many instructors in the classrooms look like them. How students feel when their needs of having instructors who can relate more to teach him or her in the classroom. Community colleges cater to 51% of Latinos and 44% of African American are role (Foot, 1996). This gives reasons why a more diverse faculty is needed for years; community colleges have been discussing the need for diversity in faculty in the classroom in an effort to give students an understanding of an increasingly diverse population. Diversity in education is a process that brings understanding and appreciation from the students because of today’s society. Diversity in community colleges is important because it provides the initial exposer to a four-year university for most non-traditional students. Having diversity in the faculty can be helpful in facing the challenges of serving a diverse student body. Students who come from a variety of cultural and lifestyle backgrounds need role models on their college campuses. Increasing the diversity of the faculty in the way of showing ways to provide role models and establish the kind of support needed for mentoring. Adding more diverse faculty stats with the restructuring of community colleges so that everyone has the opportunity to expand upon current academic understandings. A student and instructor have both a personal and academic relationship within a classroom, which is what stresses the instructor goals to...
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