Diversed Environment

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Diverse environment in an organization, where brings some benefits, has potential to bring some harms. Companies develop policies and procedures to leverage the advantages of diversity and minimize the disadvantages. Employees with diverse cultures and backgrounds bring unique experiences, skills, and ideas on the table in a workplace. Companies take advantage of diverse knowledge of their workforce and strengthen productivity. Each worker in a diverse workplace possesses unique experience from his or her cultural. Advantages

In a study conducted by researchers from the University of Illinois in 2009, both racial and gender diversity were found to contribute positively to sales, customers and profits. Racial diversity can also positively influence market share, although the impact of gender on market share was not significant in the study. In addition, companies often can increase their creativity by encouraging diverse opinions and perspectives. Company recruiters can also widen the talent pool if they recruit employees based on relevant qualifications and experience, rather than limiting their search on race, gender, age or other grounds that are not central to the role. Disadvantages

Although employing a diverse workforce has many advantages, it comes with some disadvantages as well. A company that recruits and employs a diverse workforce must create a culture that promotes dignity and respect to avoid tension between employees. In addition, communication may be adversely affected if employees' first language is not English. Existing employees may leave the organization if their personal prejudices prevent them from working with colleagues from a different background. As another disadvantage, the investigation of employee complaints regarding negative attitudes and harassment can take up a considerable amount of management time, whether or not they are upheld. A conflict facilitates creativity in a diverse workplace during the team meetings. The members of...
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