Diverse Workforce

Topics: Employment, Customer service, Customer Pages: 4 (1192 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Table of Content
1. Introduction 2
2. Advantages of Diverse Workforce2
2.1 Increasing Productivity2
2.2 Increasing Market Share and Create a Satisfied Diverse Customer 2
3. Disadvantages of Diverse Workforce3
3.1 Real Respect3
3.2 Communication Issues3
4. Recommendations4
4.1 Employee Survey and Making Rules4
4.2 Education and Training on Diversity4
Bibliography 6

1. Introduction
This essay is talking about the advantage and disadvantage of diverse workforce and the solution of the problems during the diversity workforce. Today, the customers are more diverse, whether they are group or individual customers. The culture of the society also become more diverse so that the workforce need to reflects similar demographics. Companies cannot segment their talent from the society. Having diverse workforce has its advantages, they can increase productivity and increase market share and create a satisfied diverse customers by relating people from different background. It also has some problems, whether the real respect to others and communication issues. In order to solve the problems, the leaders of the company need to do some adjustment and make rule to manage these groups of employees.

2. Advantages of Diverse Workforce
2.1 Increasing Productivity
Diversity changes the team dynamics in the work place in order to increase their retention and productivity. Employees may come from different countries and different races, but everyone in the work team have their equal opportunities to share ideas and experiences. The result is positive for the organization. Different people get together to solve a problem, bringing together the wealth of their various backgrounds. Brainstorm can bring an unexpected result that can broaden the target market by the product. A group...
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