Distracted Driver

Topics: Automobile, Distraction, Driving Pages: 2 (670 words) Published: March 28, 2013
Distracted Drivers
Alarmingly, every twenty four seconds there is a motor vehicle accident that occurs across America. These accidents occur due to unsafe actions and habitual behaviors displayed by drivers. The three main types of distractions are manual, visual, and cognitive distractions. Distracted driving is a growing problem in the United States. All distractions endanger driver, passenger, and by stander safety. Manual distraction involves the driver’s hands to come off the wheel. Some examples that are too often seen in drivers are texting, eating and drinking, applying makeup and grooming, and using GPS's and other onboard electronics. When a driver is eating or drinking, anything could go wrong on top of the present manual distraction. A coffee can spill on the driver’s lap which could cause an abrupt emergency stop and lead to an accident. It's been treated almost as a joke, the hurried, multi-tasking worker painting her face during rush hour commute. There's even a conveniently placed vanity mirror placed in the fold down visor to facilitate this morning ritual for many drivers. Although manufactures and aftermarket companies make high- tech gadgets you can play with while driving doesn't mean it's safe or right to do so. Wisely, in car DVD players and GPS's are set by the factory to only play or operate while the car is parked. While that setting doesn't stop determined multi-tasking driver at least it sends the message by the makers that it's a bad idea to watch DVD's or fiddle with the GPS while driving. Visual distraction occurs when a driver removes his eyes from the road. Some common examples of visual distractions are again the use of a cell phone, reading billboards, reading maps, and even driving when drowsy. Billboards are now animated and practically dare you to try not looking at them. Humans are hardwired to notice the extraordinary so it becomes almost impossible to notice the cruisers and ambulances that are on the side of the road...
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