Distorted Image: Girls Health

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Distorted Image

List the 4 research statistis given on the first page of the article.

- Health Canada reports that since 1987, the number of young women (aged 15-24) hospitalized for eating disorders rose by 29 percent. - According to the University oh Alberta Health Centre, as many as 80 percent of girls in Grade 4 have been on a diet. - Ten percent of women have an eating disorder.

- 20 percent of female university students have an eating disorder.

Where do the problems start with these girls/women?

There are different kinds of problems and every girl is different so its going to differ somehow. Most problems do start with the media and the unrealistic body’s that are put out on covers of magazines for us to see. Body Image issues could also involve a girl not having the ‘right’ clothes or something that doesn’t make her feel comfortable. Body development is also a big factor that contributes to the problem starting in girls not liking their body image. They may have friends that develop fasting then them in some way and this may make them feel excluded or marginalized from everyone else and feel that they are getting made fun of which lowers your self esteem by a lot. The girl could also have more pressure on her because maybe she’s a different skin color so she thinks that she is different from everyone else and is going to get made fun of.

What are “body image” issues?

A Body image issue are feeling that you are uncomfortable with your body. It is feeling bad about how you present your body to everyone else and you feel that there is something wrong and you want to change it.
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