Disparity and Discrimination in the Criminal Justice System

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  • Published : October 24, 2011
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Disparity and Discrimination
Sean J Gustafson
CJA 344
August 15, 2011
Major Williams

Disparity and discrimination have been a part of mainstream society for as long as there has been a work force in America. Equality in the United States of America has been a serious issue since the countries inception in 1776. Will the problem of equality in America ever be resolved? That is a tough question to answer. Yet it is a question that provides drive and resolve for many people living in America. The field of Criminal Justice has the unique problem of trying to coral the issues involved with disparity and discrimination on both sides of a fence. There is the workplace side of the justice system where it can still be said that due to race, gender, religion, etc… professionals are not earning the same money that other professionals are, doing the same job. Then there is the criminal element of the justice system to consider. Many citizens are not giving a fair shake due to some sort of bias on the side of the professionals. This paper will deal with the issues of disparity and discrimination on the side of the professionals within the criminal justice system and the citizens who depend on them. Disparity in the Justice System

According to Dictionary.com (2011) disparity is defined as “lack of similarity or equality. While researching the subject of disparity it was determined that the area for professionals in the justice system hit the hardest by this type of inequality are roles within the justice system and the salaries that accompany them. Even though it can be said that there are many different races within the justice system working as well as both genders it is still hard for certain races of people along with women to advance past a certain point. Gender and racial bias will continue to be an issue until the fear that is associated with each is replaced with fairness according to production. In any field of work but especially the criminal...
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