Disobeying Orders

Topics: Non-commissioned officer, Sergeant, Corporal Pages: 19 (8744 words) Published: April 19, 2011
When we were younger we were always told by our parents to behave and follow the rules in school and to be nice to the other children. At school they had a set of rules that we were meant to follow and abide by them. Here in the Marine Corps is no different there are many rules and regulations that are meant to be followed under the UCMJ Articles. It’s important to keep following the orders you are given and that you follow these rules exactly like you are ordered to do so. In this essay I will be talking about the following: Disobeying an Order, Disrespect, Discipline, Chain of Command, Unauthorized Absence, and Leadership Principles and Leadership Traits. I will try my best’s efforts to explain everything and show what I have learned in this process. In the next set of paragraphs I will be discussing of three Articles from the UCMJ. The first article is Article 90: Assaulting or Willfully Disobeying Superior Commissioned Officer; the second article is Article 91: Insubordinate Conduct toward Warrant Officer, Noncommissioned or Petty Officer; and the third article is Article is 92: Failure to Obey an Order or Regulation. These articles should always be followed or they could bring serious consequences to anybody who decides to disobey an order like myself. In the next paragraph I’ll be talking about Article 90 and what it all means.

The first Article, Article 90, is Assaulting or Willfully Disobeying Superior Commissioned Officer. This Article states: “Any person subject to this chapter who — strikes his superior commissioned officer or draws or lifts up any weapon or offers any violence against him while he is in the execution of his office; or willfully disobeys a lawful command of his superior commissioned officer; shall be punished, if the offense is committed in time of war, by death or such other punishment as a court-martial may direct, and if the offense is committed at any other time, by such punishment, other than death, as a court-martial may direct.” What this is basically saying is that anybody who assaults or intends to aggressively attack or raises a weapon in a threatening way or tries to use any kind of violence against any superior officer that’s on duty. In any case you shouldn't even try to attempt it at all even if you think that the officer is not suited for the job he was put in that position because someone saw him/her fit for the job and your opinion shouldn't be influencing you to commit such a thing. A different example is: a Staff NCO walks up to a female Lance Corporal and tells her that she needs to give him oral sex and she has to do it because that’s an order. The Staff Sergeant has tried to convince and make the Lance Corporal do a lot more other things and she hasn’t complied. Now that’s an example of giving unlawful orders to someone lower rank than you. A different example is: If a Sergeant from your section came up to you and gave you the order to go take care of some very simple and easy tasks. You accomplish those tasks and you tell your Sergeant that you have accomplished the tasks and are waiting for more tasks at the moment. This is an example of what a marine should always know and what they should always do. Follow these lawful orders and you will succeed as a marine in the Marine Corps. There’s no way the Lance Corporal will have to follow the order given by the Staff Sergeant because it is unjust and it has nothing to do with accomplishing tasks that will help out the Corps in any way. At this point the Lance Corporal has the right to report this kind of abuse up the chain of command. By doing this the Lance Corporal did the right thing by reporting the Staff Sergeant up the chain of command because the order that she had been receiving was unlawful and so she doesn’t need to follow the order. By this time the Staff Sergeant might have been prosecuted and court-martialed. Most likely he would have been sent to the brig for doing such a thing. The worst case scenario for...
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