Disney Paris

Topics: The Walt Disney Company, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Walt Disney Pages: 2 (536 words) Published: August 7, 2009
CASE 4-1 Disneyland Paris

Background of the Case:

Euro Disney opened in Paris in 1992, the standard model of Disney theme parks, long considered to be a formula for guaranteed financial success, soon ran into trouble.  Tackling the many problems faced by Euro Disney operations has posed many new challenges to Disney, forcing them to reconsider their cookie-cutter standard model for success.  For the Euro Disney theme park to survive, Disney must find ways to adapt their theme park model in a manner which preserves the best of Disney while more closely fitting the needs of the European market.

Early hopes for a similar success soured soon after Euro Disney opened, and the experience of opening Euro Disney delivered unexpected surprises to Disney management.  The park soon encountered several major problems:

First, Restaurants were not prepared for the eating habits and times of European customers.  By not selling alcoholic beverages in the park, Euro Disney forced customers to leave the park to purchase them, and insulted the deeply-held tradition of French wine-making.  In many respects, there were clear disconnects between Disney management and their customers. Second, Poor understanding of the culture and the market and a many employees failed to conform to the high standards of customer service that were expected in Disney theme parks.  Third, Euro Disney was failing to deliver the high level of customer service standard to Disney theme parks, as well as failing to provide the service needs that were unique to the European market.

In many aspects, there were clear disconnects between Disney management and their customers.

Relate concepts to the Case:

Conclusion and Recommendation:
 Disney should place a greater effort to improve customer service to insure value for the customers, improve the quality of its workforce, and commit itself to the long-term efforts necessary to better address the diverse needs of the...
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