Disney Ending for All

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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Happy Endings for All
Marriage has always been known as a sacred act between two loving people and it continues to be this way today. The reason to get married is not only to show the world your love for the other person, but also to pronounce your commitment to your partner. The ability to marry the person you love should not be withheld from anyone in these modern times; however we see that this is happening. Marriage has been around before Mesopotamia and has evolved to the interracial marriages we see all around us today. Yet there is always one group that has to be out casted especially in America, homosexuals. Homosexuals are prosecuted against not only because of religious reasons, but also because the majority of Americans are afraid of change. However we have to understand that under the constitution it was declared that every man is created equal, so every person should be treated equally. There is no difference between their love towards someone and a heterosexual’s love for someone, so why can’t they get married? I firmly believe in the right for everyone to get married, no matter their sexuality.

The First Amendment states that there is a separation of church and state, and the legal contact of marriage between any two people should be no exception. Interracial marriage in the United States has been legal since 1976. We should learn from this mistake. Many people believe that God created people of different colors to separate for the purpose of keeping the races separate. Church doctrine and bigotry became law in many states. Although some churches were against interracial marriage, others were not. It was the state government that made these marriages illegal. This is the same situation today. Only some churches condemn being gay and lesbian marriages. We have to ask, “Why should they have the power over someone’s happiness?” The issue is why some religious viewpoints should detrimentally affect the rights of others. Thomas Jefferson...
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