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Self disicpline
One of the main characteristics of self-discipline is the ability to forgo instant and immediate gratification and pleasure, in favor of some greater gain or more satisfying results, even if this requires effort and time. Self discipline gives you the power to stick to your decisions and follow them through, without changing your mind, and is therefore one of the important requirements for achieving goals. The possession of self discipline enables you to choose, and then persevere with actions, thoughts and behavior, which lead to improvement and success. It also gives you the power and inner strength to overcome addictions, procrastination and laziness and to follow through whatever you do. This is a very useful and needed skill in everyone's life, and though most people acknowledge its importance, yet very few do anything to develop and strengthen it. Contrary to common belief, self-discipline is not a severe and limited behavior or a restrictive lifestyle. It is a very important igredient for success, any form of success. It expresses itself as perseverance, the ability not to give up despite failure and setbacks, as self control, and as the ability to resist temptations and distractions that tend to stand in the way of attaining aims and goals. In fact, it is one of the most important pillars of real and stable success. This ability leads to to self confidence, self esteem and inner strength, and consequently to happiness and satisfaction. On the other hand, lack of self discipline may lead to failure, loss, health and relationships problems, obesity and to other troubles. Life often presents challenges and problems on the path to success and achievement, and in order to rise above them you have to act with perseverance and persistence, and this requires self discipline. You also this skill to cure and overcome eating disorders, addictions, smoking, drinking and other negative habits.
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