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Question #4: Data integrity is essential for a company’s operations. Describe various steps companies can use to ensure the integrity of its information.
Data integrity refers to the validity of the data. This means that data within a system is true and correct. If the information in an accounting information system is not correct then information that is produced is going to be of no use to the company’s employees, management, and board of directors that make the decisions. There are various steps that these people can take in order to make sure the information is accurate and the best decisions for the company can be made. According to our text, some of the ways to ensure integrity consist of teach and require integrity within the work place, reward honesty, have a code of ethic that explains in detail what is expected of employees at each level, from the lowest to highest pay scales. Stress how important it is to the business to have correct reports to base present and future business decisions from. Avoid unrealistic expectations for employees. This leads to unhappy employees who may turn to illegal acts in order to “get something” back from the company.

A manager hopes that they are hiring employees with morals, ethics, and integrity. A computer system is an extremely important tool, but it only works as good as the operators that have programmed the information. REFERENCES:

Romney, M.B. & Steinbart, P. J. (2012). Accounting Information Systems (12th Ed). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.
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