Discuss the Usage of Social Networking Sites in Human Resources Decisions and Evaluate the Ethical Implications of This Usage

Topics: Social network service, Job interview, Labour economics Pages: 3 (915 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Social Net Working Sites are one of the fastest growing, yet one of the most controversial systems on the Internet. It is defined as a web-based interaction between users, who create a profile in public and a list of connected people. Currently, an increasing number of organisations are using SNSs in their Human Resource process and trying to save time and money (Brown and Vaughn, 2011). However, its usage has been arguable, whilst it has a potential to make a negative impacts by misuse. This essay aims to discuss the consequences of using SNSs in Human Resource and then to evaluate the ethical implications of this usage.

The use of SNSs in HR has been common for several years. According to SHRM (2008, cited in Davison et al., 2011), while only 21% of organisations use SNSs in 2006, 44% of them use it in 2008 because its advantages have been revealed for them. Brown and Vaughn (2011) provide three main characteristics of SNSs, that it enables employer to search information of candidates easily, that it supports the reliability of applicant’s resume, and that it provides information of applicant’s character and personality. It, however, causes unfavourable decisions for applicants. For example, one college student whose hiring process was going well, failed to get the job because the employers had viewed pictures of her binge drinking on her My Space page (Davison et al., 2011). Furthermore, when a worker in ABC Company wrote the complaints to his company on his Twitter account, he lost his job on the next day because his manager saw it (Davison et al., 2011).

There is one method to analyse the SNSs’ usage, which divides it into three aspects, Risk Associated with Misuse of SNSs by Employers, Establishing Validity and Legal Implications.

Employers possibly violate applicant’s privacy by misusing SNSs. Brown and Vaughn (2011) provide on example that the government of Bozeman, Montana required all applicants to hand in user names with passwords of...
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