- Discuss the Rise of Individualism

Topics: God, Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, Priest Pages: 4 (1341 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Topic 3 - Discuss the Rise of Individualism…
The rise of individualism, at what we now know as the medieval era, opened the eyes of many people; a few will be discussed though out this paper. In the times previous to the establishment of individualism, man, as a whole considered him-self corrupt, impure and unworthy. Slowly, individuals began seeing certain things differently. As these free thinkers began to spread their ideas many mindsets began changing as well. Along with these mindsets ideas of religion, spirituality, art, psychology and identity, wealth, fame and accomplishment began changing and adapting. Minds being discussed include Giovanni Pico, Martin Luther, Albrecht Dürer and other free thinkers, including their push away from strict absolutism of religion and towards the study of the individual and the ‘real’ or natural world. Pico’s Oration of the Dignity of Man explained, man is an intermediary between God and animals. Man is admirable and could be considered the highest form of creation, more special than angels. We as humans have no limits and our possession of freewill and self-awareness is what separates us from the animals. God made man self-aware and allows man his own perspective and reason, further more god gave man the ability to choose his own destiny free of God’s hand. Like animals we are born with instincts, but unlike animals we can develop farther. Similarly angels are created complete as well. Only man is given all possibilities. Man alone without God can choose his own path. Pico also describes man as a chameleon – humanity is ever-changing and able to acclimate to many possibilities and realities. Pico urges people not to take him at his word, but to look deeper, read between the lines, and past the usual; study of arts and arithmetic. The Craftsman kept wising there were someone to ponder the plan of so great work, to love its beauty and to wonder at its vastness. Here Pico is expressing that God, the Craftsman, created...
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