Discuss the Factors That Affect the Choice of Energy Resources Adopted by Different Societies

Topics: Coal, Renewable energy, Wind power Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Discuss the factors that affect the choice of energy resources adopted by different societies King coal is reclaiming his throne. Increase in coal production has exceeded increase in oil and gas production. 5 billion to 8 billion. north sea with oil and gas, future source offshore wind. Old fashioned coal. Single biggest contribute to global warming. Water production, metane loss. Huge swing in supply of coal. 2011 busiest ever year. 2012 just as busy. Immingham biggest port in UK. Threaded through it. Handles 11 million tonnes a year. Indigenous production. Imports. 50% electricity generated from coal. Background energy. Renewable power stations at Immingham. Coal is staple, comes from a number of different sources. Import 63% of coal. 24/7 operation. Growth is happening faster in the rest of the world. Over last decade, 50% of increased use of energy has been from coal. Coal’s blackened image has not damaged production. People are more concerned are about cheapest electricity possible instead of the environmentally friendly one. Uk and parts of Europe are concerned about climate change. Biggest growth has been in China in terms of coal consumption. China accounts for more than half of coal produced in world. Until middle of decade, EU was biggest coal consumer. China, UK, India, EU in order of consumption. Presence of coal. Coalfired power is cheapest power. If coal is there, which it is, then it will be used. Proves relative weakness of environmental concern. 1.3b people without access to electricity – will get it through coal. Number of people employed in pits has reduced. Plenty of coal. 90% is still left. Great majority cannot be used. What is economically extractable at current prices and current investment is about a million times. Open cast and strip mines. Equipment and sophisticated machinery present. Coal mining’s importance is critical. coal has future. Industry will change. Substantial reserves left. Employing people. Not importing it. Highest...
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